that is Hydropure.

Hydropure is a Czech-based company that specialises in biotechnology. The company closely collaborates with its Belgian partner Idrabel. While Idrabel produces and supplies the product, Hydropure provides the all-inclusive service and scientific follow-up.

Our method is as simple
as it is effective

Simple & Effective

Following a general study of the particular body of water, our treatment is performed in two phases spaced-out over three to six months. Generally, we apply the product
as homogenously as possible. Treatments are carried out in spring and autumn. The product quantities vary for each treatment and are calculated according to following parameters: silt levels in the area, the total treatable surface area, and and the physio-chemical and biological qualities of the ecosystem. Our Products are safe, easy to use, and require no special equipment.

All inclusive
silt removal

Simple and economical solution to the silting up of lakes, rivers, sewers, harbours and more.

Hydropure provides an all-in-one service with an objective of reducing water pollutants in lakes, rivers, ponds, and other bodies of freshwater. The application of BIO-VASE and BIO-COL products, enables us to effectively resolve silt formation, as well as break down existing silt. Compared to other solutions, Our approach is more efficient and environment-friendly.  Our services include initialtreatment and all the necessary follow up.


Results in a considerable reduction in the silt and sludge levels in ponds, rivers and canals.



BIO-VASE results in a considerable reduction in the silt and sludge levels in ponds, rivers and canals. Results from the many past uses of the product have presented an average silt volume reduction of well over 50% over a period of 18 months in nearly every case. This technique employs micro-organisms which multiply and break down the organic part of silt and sludge naturally.

BIO-VASE is a non-soluble powder with variable granulometry, and is supplied in 25 kg bags. It is based on biofixation technology, which involves affixing natural, non-pathogenic micro-organisms to mineral supports. Thanks to this exclusive technology, micro-organisms are easily stored and transported. They are reactivated in water, so as to better counter silt formation.


Reduces maintenance and cleaning costs for sewer systems and sump pumps.



BIO-COL reduces maintenance and cleaning costs for sewer systems and sump pumps. Regular use of BIO-COL makes it possible to drastically reduce the average cost of sewer and drain treatment.
Like BIO-VASE, BIO-COL employs micro-organisms which break down the organic parts of sludge, fatty deposits, and other buildup.

​This product, while preventing the silting up of sewer systems, also increases the evacuation capacity of the systems, which is essential in avoiding problems during floods. One of the main advantages of BIO-COL is the elimination of repulsive odors associated with the formation of H2S and organic Nitrogen. Through this process it also prevents equipment corrosion and increases the work safety of personnel.

We also offer treatment for industrial waste water treatment plants, Bio-Epur.
Due to the specific nature of the product, feel free to contact us with any enquiries.


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